Best Child Investment Plan in 2022

Best Child Investment Plan in 2022 – Top Debt Funds

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best child investment plan in India 2022

Best Child Investment Plan in 2022

Every parent has a consistent set of desires that they want their children to be happy, healthy, and successful. In a child’s plan, the insurance company takes out the premium and offers insurance and some form of security in your child’s education when the parent is not able to afford expenses or dies. The right time to start saving is now as it is a wise decision to start saving for your children as soon as possible. In this way, you can ensure that all aspects of their lives are taken into account.

There are several benefits to child care programs, such as dual savings, mutual funds, equity, life insurance, etc. Here we will discuss the best child investment plan 2022 that has given good returns. Specially, in this article we mainly focus best mutual fund to invest in 2022 for child future.

Edelweiss Government Securities Fund

The fund was introduced 13th Feb 2014 with an idea of investment mainly in money market and short term debt. The fund invested 34.34% in debt of which 34.34% in government securities. This fund is suitable for those who want safety as priority of their investment and want to invest for long term.

This fund is funded by Edelweiss Mutual Fund House and follow the CRISIL Dynamic Guilt Index as benchmark. Minimum investment required Rs. 5000 and via SIP investor can invest minimum SIP Rs.500.

Since inception if we analyze the fund performance we can see the fund has given good return but never beaten its benchmark.  On  14th Feb 2022 the position of fund was 19.87 (8.935) and the benchmark was 3354.04 (9.54%). On the lower side the fund was  on 24th Feb 2014 10.02 (0.12%) and the benchmark was 1624.82 (0.43%).  Since launch it has given 8.84% return. Last five year performance reflects the funds high average 17.18 and low average 15.75, benchmark high average 2954.05 low average 2687.33

5years SIP annualized return the fund has given 7.92% and absolute return 22.1% the return the fund has delivered is moderate return.  If we analyze the risk ratio it observed the funds Sharpe ratio was 1.51% and benchmark Sharpe ratio 1.11% , other side the standard deviation of fund  3.66 %and benchmark standard deviation 4.66% which good in precept of benchmark. Among the peers CRISIL rank above average.  Last five years peer rank 3rd in position.

Fund Manager

This fund is managed by Mr. Dhawal Dalal (BE and MBA) and Mr. Rahul Dedhia B.E. (Electronics) and also holds a PGeMBA – Finance.

HDFC Credit Risk Debt Fund

This fund has invested 77.66% in low risk securities and 8.53% in government securities. It has invested AA or below rated agencies which is riskier but offer better return than equity. Those who want to invest for long term but lower risk than equity can invest this fund.

The fund has launched on 25th March 2014 under HDFC Mutual Fund House. The fund accept NIFTY Credit Risk Bond Index as its benchmark. The fund has given criteria of minimum investment Rs. 5000 and minimum SIP investment Rs. 500.

Since inception the performance graph is very high to its benchmark, and out performed and beaten the benchmark highly. On 7th March 2022 the fund position was highest 19.36 (8.62%) benchmark was 212.35 (4.06%). On 14th Apr 2014 the fund value was lowest 10.07 (0.43%) and benchmark at that date was 155.01 (0.19%) this analysis reflects that from the beginning the performance of the fund out performed continuously. Five years scheme high average 16.87 and low average 15.41 and bench mark high average 202.19 and low average 194.25

SIP analysis reflect the five years annualized return 7.88% and absolute return 21.96%, which is above average. CRISIL rank above average among the peers and five year peer ranked 2nd.  Risk factor of this fund shows the Sharpe ratio was 1.93%  which is 2nd rank within this category and the standard deviation 2.55% which is 5th rank within its category.

Fund Manager

Mr. Shobhit Mehrotra ( MBA from Clemson University USA) managed this fund since inception. He  has an experience to  worked with Franklin Templeton AMC, and ICRA.

IDBI Short Term Bond Fund

The fund mainly invest in money market and debt instruments, 40.74 % in debt fund and 40.74% in low risk securities. Those who want to invest for short term with an alternate of traditional fixed deposits this fund is suitable for them.

IDBI Mutual Fund House has launched this fund on 23rd March 2011, CRISIL Short Term Bond Index is the benchmark of this fund. It is an open ended scheme with minimum investment Rs. 5000 and minimum SIP investment is Rs. 500.

From its inception the fund has outperformed to its benchmark and beaten the benchmark by high margin. 7th March 22 the fund position was highest 22.42(7.65%) whereas the benchmark was 212.35 (4.43%). On 25th Apr 11 funds lowest position was  10.08 (0.80) and benchmark position was 132.36 (0.30%). Last five years high average of fund 19.33 and low average 17.80, benchmark high average 200.79 and low average 194.24. volatility slightly high. In a five years SIP annualized return 7.23% and absolute return 45.1%. Funds CRISIL rank above average, five years ranked on return 5th

Risk comparison on Sharpe ratio 0.58% 19th in the category and standard deviation 5.86% 20th in the category out of 25 funds.

Fund Manager

Mr. Bhupesh Kalyani (CA, ICWA, CISA) he was associated with LIC Mutual Fund, Edelweiss Mutual Fund, Tata Mutual Fund and Star Union Dai-ichi life Insurance C.o. Ltd.

Aditya Birla Sunlife Corporate Bond Fund

The fund has invested in high quality debt and money market instrument. Fund invested 94.63% in debt fund of which 28.38% on government securities, 66.31% in low risk securities. This fund is appropriate for low risk and long term investor. The fund launched on 3rd March 1997by Aditya Birla Sunlife Mutual Fund House. It is and open ended scheme and follows NIFTY Corporate Bond Index. Minimum investment Rs. 100 and minimum SIP Rs. 100

Since inception the fund and benchmark growth almost parallel but April 2007 onwards the fund outperformed and shows a strong growth. On 7th March 2022 the fund was in his top position 89.50 (9.15%) and the benchmark position was 2962.68(7.92%). 7th Apr 1997 10.12 (0.55%) benchmark 444.55 (0.54%). Till April 2007 the fund maintain an average growth.

Last five years fund high average 78.14, low average 72.05 and benchmark high average 2702.00 and low average 2546.12. SIPs 5years annualized return 8.11% and absolute return 51.96%.  Peer comparison rank on the basis of five years return ranked 1st.

Risk comparison Sharpe ratio 2.21% 1st within the categories standard deviation 1.91% 4th within the categories.

Fund Manager

Fund Manager Mr. Kaustubh Gupta, B.Com and a Chartered Accountant. He  has an experience to  worked with ICICI Bank.

IIFL Dynamic Bond Fund

The fund has launched with a concept of generating income and long term gains. It has invested 88.85 in debt out of which 15.52 in Government securities, 73.35% in very low risk securities. Investor who has long term object and less risk can invest in this fund. IIFL Mutual Fund House launched this fund on 24th June 2013. It is an open ended scheme follows CRISIL Composite Bond Index. Minimum investment in this fund Rs. 10000 and minimum SIP investment Rs. 1000.

Though, since inception the fund has given 6.91% return but the growth graph show a mixed performance of out and under. Till May 2021 the volatility of fund shows in the process. After May 2021 the fund starts to pick a little bit and on the 21st  Feb 2022 the fund position was 17.93 (6.96%) and benchmark position was  2976.59 (6.70%) slightly above benchmark. 26th Aug 2013 the fund position was low 9.44% (-5.65%) whereas the benchmark was 1660.60 (-2.11).

Analyzing the last five years performance fund high average 15.80 and low average 14.71 and the benchmark high average 2701.22 and the low average 2544.13 . 5 years SIP annualized return 6.65% and absolute return 18.28%. Return grade is average. Peer comparison on the basis of five years return ranked 4th.

Risk measurement factor the Sharpe ratio 2.04 ranked 1st and the standard deviation ratio 1.65% ranked 3rd ,  within 26numbers of fund in category.

Fund Manager

Mr. Milan Mody (B.Com & MBA in Finance) the Fund Manager of this fund since 2nd March 2021 he has an experience to  worked with ZyFin Research Private Ltd, Sahara India Life Insurance Company Ltd, He was also associated with Darashaw and BRICS securities.

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