Best Cryptocurrency to Invest Now

Best New Cryptocurrency to Invest Now 2022

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best cryptocurrency to invest now

Are you looking for the new best cryptocurrency to invest now in 2022? Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that has become a popular asset class for investors to diversify their portfolios. Diversification is the key element of high-return generating portfolios. You cannot afford to put all your money in a single asset class and if you are doing so then you are on the brink of losing all your capital. It is always recommended to have a diversified portfolio to hedge your investments.

There are tons of cryptos in the market, but only some have the potential to give high returns in the future. So, after a thorough following are some best new releases crypto to invest in:

1) Lucky Block coin

The price of this coin is currently $0.001 and has the potential to go much higher. This crypto was launched in the market in the month of January of this year and it was the fastest cryptocurrency to hit the market capitalization of $1 billion. They got 40 thousand token holders in just one month of their launch and have featured in some prominent finance magazines.

The lucky block is in the business of online gaming with more transparency, if you have the lucky block coin, then you can earn rewards. They share 10% of the rewards with the token holder. The token or the coin should be held in a decentralized trusted wallet.

The lucky block coin has the potential to perform in upcoming years. It gave a 10x return to their investor in 1 month but, due to the geopolitical and inflation issue the coin corrected a bit and now it is a good opportunity to buy the dip.

2) Ape coin

The ape coin was launched in the month of march this year and the trading price of this coin is currently $6.70. It has a market cap in excess of $2 billion and gave an impressive return of 18% in 4 months. It is built on the Ethereum blockchain, the maximum supply of this coin is limited to 1 billion tokens (100 crores). It ranks 31st by the coin market cap. Yuga labs’ Bored ape yacht club is behind this project.

The ape coin is one of the most preferred cryptos among investors, for its potential. It is the hottest new crypto in the market. It is the best time to buy this token because of the dip.

3) Battle infinity

This cryptocurrency is in the pre-sale stage, but the numbers are mind-boggling. It has already raised $1.2 million since its prelaunch. IBAT battle infinity is considered as one of the most compelling metaverse tokens launched in 2022. The supply of this coin is capped at 10 billion (1000 crore)

It is also a revolution in online gaming; with the battle swap, you can buy the coins to play the games and then convert those coins into another currency. The market is optimistic about this digital coin and there are still 2 and half months left for the pre-sale stage to end.

Is Crypto a Good Investment for Beginners?

There could be no better option than cryptos if you are in search of an asset for diversifying. Crypto has various options available to invest in for generating good returns. On top of it, many countries in Europe have started accepting cryptocurrencies, which makes them even more credible. The potential of cryptocurrencies cannot be overlooked, we have seen the returns they have given to investors in the past and it is believed that if an asset has been able to sustain for a long time, then the asset becomes more reliable.

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We live in an era where technology is booming rapidly and in forthcoming years Metaverse is going to take over the world. The payment method for purchasing land or any property in Metaverse is done through cryptocurrency, which gives us an insight into the rapid increase in the demand for cryptocurrencies. Many investors in the world have bet on the growth of cryptocurrencies and are optimistic about it. The world’s richest man Elon Musk has heavily invested in cryptocurrencies and many experts believe that there could be no Metaverse without cryptos, which makes it more promising.

We have discussed the pros of cryptos, now it’s time to discuss some precautions before investing in cryptos. You should not invest more than 20% of your portfolio size in cryptos if your age is below 30. the percentage should decrease with an increase in age because cryptos are a bit risky asset and as young blood, your risk exposure could be more than an old-aged person.

Even if, you are a long-term investor in cryptos, there has to be a drawdown level where you will exit from the trade, because of the maximum loss you can bear. These levels are called stop-loss, in long-term investing, stop loss should be spacious, and if the level is breached you should exit the trade because the minimum level for crypto is 0. So, it is advised to exit from the trade, as there is always an opportunity for re-entry.


These were some best new cryptos to invest in. New cryptos, which are in the early stage has a lot more potential to give enormous return to their investors, but it is not a get-rich-quick scheme. So, you should not blindly invest all your money in single crypto. Risk management has to be followed while investing in any asset in the world, if you are risking all your capital on a single bet, then it can cause you a heavy financial loss from which you will never be able to recover.

It is recommended to distribute the crypto capital in equal parts and then invest in all 3 cryptos. So even if one of the recommendations does not go right you will not blow up your whole capital. You also have to be patient with your investment, you cannot become rich overnight after investing in crypto. Just like other assets, it also takes time to give you a good return and create wealth for you. So, stick with your investment until it hits the stop loss.

Happy Investing!!

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