Best Trading Apps for Beginners

3 Best Trading Apps for Beginners

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Best Trading Apps for Beginners

Here in this article we discussing top and best trading apps for beginners.


best trading apps for beginners.

Ameritrade is a commission-free trading app for beginner as well as experts. Product services like future to forex trade and large to low-cost mutual funds are available under this web and mobile platform. No fractional trading of share was performed in this company. The company offers not only free commission trading but also a chance to access its all platform and products with no minimum deposit. Innovative tools and features attract not only smart investors but also attract any kind of investors. The company has introduced commission free online trading , ETF’s and option trades. The company provides its service to 11 million clients, which calculated assets $1 trillion, and with more than 6000 registered advisors.

Company offers designated brokerage services and stock plan services for the user. Experience and unbeatable support help the customer to solve their problems. Two powerful mobile apps were introduced by TD Ameritrade one is ‘TD Ameritrade Mobile App’ and another one is ‘Thinkorswim’ app.

Td Ameritrade app is used for Stocks, ETFs, option and access watchlists, charts, indicators, and price alerts features. The app also avails Market news and third-party analysis on its platform.

Thinkorswim app consists of advanced features like forex, and futures. For any help you can share your screen with experts.

The company provides 5 way to fund

  •             Electronic Bank Deposit (ACH) limit $50 to $250000
  •             Wire transfer (no limit)
  •             Check (no limit)
  •             Account transfer from another firm (no limit)
  •             Physical stock certificates ( no limit)

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  • Wide range of investment choice (stocks,forex,option,future.ETF etc.)
  • Powerful trading platform tools (web platform, mobile trading etc.)
  • Low pricing
  • Investment research tool to analyze market performance


  • No fractional share trading allowed.

Key features

  • Account minimum: $ 0
  • Stock trading cost: $ 0
  • Broker Assisted: $ 25
  • IVR system: $5
  • No transaction fees number: 3700+
  • Trading platform: TD Ameritrade web and Thinkorswim  for Desktop use
  • Crypto trading : Direct access of crypto not available


best trading apps for beginners.

An American company with a vision of making investment easily accessible to everyone.  The company provides financial services and technology to Americans. The company operates on web and mobile platforms. It provides individual advice to diversify your investment portfolio.

The approach of this company is to inspire beginners to invest by offering no minimum account so this app is very much acceptable to beginners. It is also best for those who want to buy fractional shares. Diversified investment options give chance to invest in stocks, ETFs, bonds, and crypto.


  • Diversified investment option
  • Option for fraction of shares transaction
  • Stress-free and automated investment
  • Automatically rebalancing portfolio
  • Plan flexibility
  • Investment is secure ( registered with US Securities and Exchange Commission)


  • Fess is higher than the competitors
  • IRA management is not automated

Key features:

  • Account minimum: $0
  • Account minimum for smart portfolio : $ 5
  • Account management fees: $3/ month ( for automated investing)


Best Trading Apps for Beginners

This platform is best for first generation mobile user, desktop user and casual user. The company regularly reviewing their execution to improve the quality of support to the customer. They are committed to customer to execute their review from top to bottom.
As on March 2020 the company has 550 million active user

Types of account Webull offer

  • Webull introduce IRA type trading account to save for retirement time, which is free of annual accounts fees, account opening and maintenance fees. This account offer tax benefits and multiple access platform.
  • General account (Individual Brokerage Account) allow for buy and sell of assets and securities.

Fees structure of webull

Webull genuinely off commission free trading, there is no deposit or withdrawal fees. Whether you are trading in US stocks, cryptocurrencies or ETF no charge applied. Webull apps helpful for beginners because of its education part. Primary tool learning app and demo app very helpful.


  • Low cost trading platform
  • User friendly and first generation mobile app
  • Advance technology appeals the mass investor
  • Currently 11 crypto available for trading
  • Member of SIPC which protect the customer investment  and information secured
  • Currently operating in 53 US states


  • No mutual fund option is available here
  • Educational part is not strong like others

Key features

  • Account minimum : $0
  • Stock trading cost : $0
  • Trading platform : Browser based and dowloadable desktop 
  • Crypto trading : currently 34 crypto trading available under this platform

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