Cheap Dividend Stock to Buy in 2022

Top Cheap Dividend Stock to Buy in 2022– Easy Earning while Sleeping

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Top Cheap Dividend Stock to Buy in 2022

Best Cheap Dividend Stock to Buy in 2022 Now

Magellan Midstream Partners

In the United States, Magellan Midstream Partners is involved in the distribution, storage, and transportation of crude oil and processed petroleum products. It runs its business through segments for refined products and crude oil.

It has a record annual dividend of 8.32% and a current price of $49.88. According to Q2 results, MMP’s operating margin grew by 1.8% to $108.2 million from $106.3 million in the second quarter of 2021, while transportation and terminal revenues increased by around 2.3% to $121.4 million.

Thus this fund is the best choice for a cheap dividend stock to buy now.

Gilead Sciences

One of the most prosperous pharmaceutical companies in the coronavirus sector is Gilead Sciences. One of the first antivirals to receive licence and approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat COVID-19 was Veklury.

Gilead Sciences has a generous 4.81% dividend yield and a responsible 36.5% cash payout ratio. The company’s forward price-to-earnings ratio is a modest 9.2, while the industry average for the biotech sector is 12. This biotech stock is a terrific choice for dividend investors with a lengthy time. It is a comfortable option for cheap dividend stock to buy now.

Ambev SA

Brazilian brewing and distribution firm is Ambev. With the World Cup in November and December, Ambev is anticipated to have a strong year in 2022. The company has a history of meeting or exceeding EPS estimates. Ambev has concentrated on returning packaging and cutting inflation expenses, especially from aluminium and barley.

The annual dividend yield is 7.2%, with the current price of $2.78. Such robust performance in a volatile market brings it under the class of cheap dividend stock to buy now.


Biopharmaceutical products are discovered, developed, produced, marketed, distributed, and sold by Pfizer Inc. on a global scale. Drug giant Pfizer has a $280 billion market capital and a current price of $49 per share, dividend yield. This Covid era is a blessing for the drug major.

Pfizer’s Q2 2022 results reveal revenues of $27.7 billion, indicating operational growth of 53%, principally due to the significant contributions of Paxlovid and Comirnaty. A 92% growth over the Q2 of 2021 is reflected in the adjusted diluted EPS(3) of $2.04. It is a fantastic choice for a cheap dividend stock to buy now.

Enterprise Products Partners (EPD)

For the production and consumption of natural gas, natural gas liquids, crude oil, petrochemicals, and refined goods, Enterprise Products Partners L.P. offers midstream energy services. Its current price is $25.72, and its annual dividend yield is 7.39%.

Over the past week, EPD shares have increased by 4.54%, while the Zacks Oil and Gas – Production Pipeline – MLB industry has increased by 6.55%. Over the most recent quarter, shares of Enterprise Products Partners rose 2.07%, and over the previous year, they have climbed 19.17%. Where S&P 500 merely changed 0.16%  and -4.88%, respectively, in the same period.

Dollar General

Dollar General increased its quarterly dividend by 31% to $0.55 per share from $0.42. Additionally, the corporation is spending a lot on share buybacks. As an illustration, it recently repurchased $746.8 million worth of common stock shares. This places it on track to buy back about $3 billion ($2.987 b) in shares over the following 12 months. That represents 5.34% of its market value.

One explanation is that earnings are anticipated to increase by 9.5% to $12.64 per share in 2023. That allows plenty of room to reinvest back into the operations of its discount retail outlets and more than covers the $2.20 dividend. That’s why it is under the radar as a cheap dividend stock to buy now.


Since it began trading publicly in November 2020, the manufacturer of generic medications Viatris has consistently lagged behind the market. Viatris is selling its portfolio of biosimilar products to Biocon Biologics in India for roughly $3.3 billion. Why do we take it as the best cheap dividend stock to buy now?

The pharmaceutical company also plans to increase dividends and repurchase shares to reward shareholders. With an average cash payout ratio of 19.6% and a current yield of 4.93%, Viatris has lots of room to increase its dividend in the future. Although Viatris may not be a fascinating firm, those looking for a source of income can find it with the pharmaceutical company.

Dividend Stock Overview During COVID-19 Earlier Year

Wall Street accelerates upward trajectory and bounces back after taking a sucker punch from COVID-19 earlier in the year!

Despite the fear of Russia-Taiwan tension, recession, Fed hikes and inflation, the S&P 500 is trading above 4,000, and the Dow is currently above 32,000( as of August’s first week). Nearly 23 times the yearly earnings of S&P 500 stocks are still much higher than the historical average.

Finding yield in a market when historically high asset values and Fed stimulus have pushed rates down is difficult. This limits the options available to investors seeking retirement income or a respectable dividend yield on their equities. However, there are a few inexpensive dividend stocks to buy that are still paying out a respectable return.

The timeless contributors to return are dividend payments—

  • Dividends may make up a sizable portion of the return, even more, when compounding is used and investments are made.
  • We know from history that over many years, dividend-paying businesses offer superior returns with less volatility than non-dividend-paying businesses.
  • Dividends may consistently contribute to total return. Compared to fixed income instruments like T-bills and short-term bonds, dividends are a desirable source of income.
  • The Canadian Revenue Agency levies a lower rate of taxation on dividend income (if eligible) than it does on many other forms of income.
  • In comparison to cash-constrained or usually riskier growth-oriented stocks, many dividend-paying businesses are more established and may provide less of a danger to the negative.
    • Companies that pay dividends regularly recover from downturn markets more quickly than growth equities.

An explanation of a common dividend misconception

A corporation or business is still growing even if it chooses to distribute dividends rather than reinvest in its own expansion. It typically indicates that the business is lucrative enough to pay out a percentage of its profits to shareholders while continuing to invest in its own expansion.


When income is not required immediately and can be reinvested, dividend income portfolios can significantly increase total return for investors with a long-term investment horizon, including in bull and bear markets.

Dividend-paying stocks have historically been shown to be an especially appealing investment during inflationary and turbulent times. Giving investors the chance to grow dividends at a rate that matches or exceeds inflation and a steady rate of return in a risky market.

In times of growing inflation, Federal Reserve rate increases, unofficial recession, and two protracted wars, investors frequently seek equities that provide a steady dividend as a safe resort. A reliable income might provide comfort during times of uncertainty and probable recession. In times of risk, investors also attempt to diversify. However, consumers with smaller accounts can have trouble incorporating dividend equities into a diversified portfolio.


Is dividend investing good for beginners?

Historically, less volatile dividend equities have beaten the S&P 500. This is due to the fact that dividend stocks offer two types of income: consistent dividend income and stock price growth. Over time, this overall return may increase.

Do penny stocks give dividends?

One of the highest dividend-paying stocks on the market is the price of penny stocks. Startup businesses sell these shares for incredibly low prices. Penny stock investments can result in enormous profits because the companies that offer these securities have enormous development potential.

Which share is best for a dividend?

You can check the entire article with an infographic for a list of cheap dividend stocks to buy now. Apart from this, if you can afford the price, then pick Coca-Cola, AT&T and Citigroup.

What are the cheapest stocks that pay the highest dividends?

This entire article focus on the cheap dividend stocks to buy now (2022). We bring out the best for you in this extremely volatile period.

Are dividends taxed?

In general, dividend income is subject to taxation. This assumes that the distribution is not made to a retirement account, such as an IRA ( Individual Retirement Account), 401(k), or similar structure, in which case it would not be subject to taxation. So dividend income is subject to taxation by the IRS, not always.

Are dividends taxed if reinvested?

No matter if you withdraw your dividends in cash or reinvest them in the MF that paid them out, all dividends are subject to taxation by IRS. The year when the dividends are reinvested is when the tax obligation arises.

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