eToro App Review 2022

eToro Review 2022: Facts, Key Features, Pricing and Features

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eToro Review 2022 Facts, Key Features, Pricing and Features

-| eToro App Review 2022

eToro app is a social investment network with a lot of unique features to make trading easier and more accessible to beginners and experts. It is the largest social investment platform on the internet with a powerful network of over 4.5 million investors. In the following sections, you will learn how to start trading with eToro, as well as how to use all the useful features of the platform.

-| Origin

eToro is Israel based leading multi-asset investment platform founded in 2007. The company has diversified its network in various divisions year after year. In the year 2012, it has launched its ‘Mobile App’ where users can perform transactions using their Android smartphone. The Company has added another wing as ‘Stocks’ in 2013 before that it worked with commodities and currencies. In the year 2016, the company started its theme or strategy-based copy portfolio such as 5G, Cloud Computing, etc.

First-time, eToro has started commission-free stock transactions in 2019 and also launched withdraw money features without any transaction charge in 2021. The company has again extended its services by introducing stock investment in the US with zero commission in thousands of stocks in 2022.

-| Competitors

  • Ameritrade,
  • Binance,
  • Up Hold,
  • Kucoin are few of the competitors in this category.

-| Pros

  • Multi Asset Platform ( 2000+ financial assets)
  • 0% commission on non leveraged position on stocks or ETF
  • Free insurance for eligible customers
  • Largest community traders ( more than 20 million from 140 countries)
  • Facilities to interact with other investor using social network
  • Offer ‘Theme Base’ readymade portfolio.
  • Education and experience of other traders can be copied.
  • Your every investment is secured and regulated by etoro.
  • Currently 90 crypto trading available under this platform.

-| Cons:

  • Non-trading fees are high.
  • Single account base currency.

-| Key Factor

  • Account minimum: $10 and $200 for copy trader.
  • Stocks trading cost: $0.
  • Trading app:  App for iOS and Android.

Total 13 million traders believe in Etoro. Etoto has started latest services where users can purchase a fraction of shares, minimum investment and low fees added its acceptability to the wide range of beginners. Users are highly satisfied with the service they rendered. The variety of stocks, investment options of crypto, and its security structure are very much attractive to customers.

Etoro and Binance are both crypto trading companies but the main difference is that etoro goes beyond crypto trading such as stocks and other investment options. Etoro provides customers to invest in more than 90 cryptos such as Cardano, Bitcoin, Binance coin, Ethereum etc. Especially, company has its own crypto exchange eToroX.

Security features of etoro:

  • Regulated by FCA,GFSC,ASIC, CySEC,FinCen and FinRA.
  • Free insurance protection for eligible customer.
  • Standard protection of client fund and account kept at European bank.

-| FAQ

How to open a new account in etoro?

1. Go to
2. Next Join Now
3. Enter personal details
4. Click on terms and condition and privacy policy box
5. Click Sign up to complete the process
5. For the new registered user need confirmation of residence, identity proof

How to deposit in etoro?

There are various payment method to invest such as Paypal, credit cards, bank transfer etc.

How to register on eToro app?

Signing up for the eToro app is one of the easiest tasks on the platform. Once you put all the necessary information, you can set up your account and start investing immediately.

How to start eToro app?

Using eToro app is very easy because, with little or no knowledge of the stock market and cryptocurrency, you need to create a trading account.

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All the information are used for education purpose only. Investing in Cryptocurrency poses a risk of financial losses. Investors must therefore exercise due caution. InvestoAxis is not liable or responsible for any losses caused as a result of decisions based on the article.

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