Semiconductor Industry

Semiconductor Industry – Best Semiconductor Stocks in India

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Semiconductor Industry

Semiconductor Industry

Material which have conductivity between conductor, metal like silicon, germanium called semiconductor. Semiconductor chips are the backbone of many essential industries like computer, health care, transport, and many other electronics devices. With the help of semiconductor we can control the flow of electrons. For example, solar system is one of semiconductor, which it controls the sensitivity of the light energy.

In India, this semiconductor industry witnessing a high hope and high demand. Industry like, automobile industry, mobile device related industry, telecommunication industry, information technology industry and many other industry are the potential are where the demand of semiconductor increasing rapidly. 

In India semiconductor business is growing  and become one the promising industry. As per report in 2020 India has exported US$ 160 MN semiconductor devices and imported US$ 2.17 BN. Though in terms of value it is decreased from year 2019. Indian semiconductor industry divided into two sector one is fable another one is foundries where Fable working with design and fabrication, foundries working with manufacturing final chip.

Key Players in Indian Semiconductor Industry

Broadcom Software

The company develop wide range of semiconductor products. Companies leading portfolio products are broadband, wireless network, smart phone components, monitoring and security components. Broadcom Inc. is based on California, United States, In India, the company has its units in Bangalore, Pune and Hyderabad.


Continental Device India Pvt. Ltd.(CDIL) It is a globally recognize Indian brand, manufacture world class semiconductor chip based in India. The company offer its service in the sector like space, military, aviation etc.  It also offer its product like, rectifier, diodes, power transistor, ic devices.  The company is based head in Delhi.

Semiconductor Laboratory

It is an autonomous body under Government of India’s space department. The main activities of the company is assembly and packaging, fabricating, and fabrication of Hi-Rel Boards, data converter etc.  The head office of the company is based in Punjab. 

DCM Data System

DCM data system is the IT division of DCM Ltd. It introduce new range of IT product in India. The company is expert on system and storage administration. It also offer service of backup recovery and disaster management system. The company has a strong relationship with Hitachi, IBM like multinational company. The company is based in New Delhi.

Bharat Electricals Limited BEL)

Bharat Electrical Limited is a India Government owned company. The company manufacture product of Army, Navy and Air force. It  works in diversified areas of space electronics, night vision devices etc. It also produce silicon radiation detector, EMI Filter, under vehicle scanning system and many other products of various fields.

Best Semiconductor Stocks in India

Tata Elxsi

Group  of TATA company working with computer programming and consultancy related service, incorporate 1989.

Market CapitalRs. 44683.35 cr.
Revenue TTM)Rs. 2307.46 cr.
Earning (TTM)Rs. 504.83 cr.
Total DebtNil
EPS ( Dec’21)Rs. 81.06
ROE(Dec’21)38.20 %
Net Profit ( 5 yrs) TTM Gowth23.97%
ListingNSE, BSE

Operating revenue: (cr.)year 2020 revenue increased only 0.81% but at the end of 2021 the revenue percentage increased 13.42%.

Depreciation charge: (cr.) last three financial analysis reflect the depreciation charge end of 2019 was 25.10, end of 2020 was 43.41 and end of 2021 was 44.38. In the year 2020 the depreciation charge increased a lot by 72% margin.

Other income: (cr.)in this segment year 2010 income was 43.46 and the next year increased to 64.72 the percentage of increment almost 49% but the next year 2021 income dropped to 39.78 decreased percentage by 37% than 2020.

Net profit: (cr.)in the year 2019 percentage of growth was 20.80 next year 2020 dropped to (-) 11.68 but in the year 2021 again recovered from the last year by a margin of 43.74 which is 290% increased.

Current liabilities: (cr.)in this category year 2019 liability was 188.20 and year 2020 it increased to 217.37 and again in the year 2021 increased to 264.46, if we calculate percentage wise 2020 the percentage of liability increment was 15% and in the year 2021 it was 21%.

Vedant Ltd.

A group of Vedant MNC, manufacturer of alloy and copper products. The company incorporated 1965, head quarter in Mumbai.

Market capitalRs. 139710.93 cr.
Revenue(TTM)Rs.121116.00 cr.
Earning (TTM)Rs. 24077.00 cr
Total DebtRs. 65011.00 cr
EPS (Dec’21)Rs.  52.28
ROE (Dec’21)37.95 %
Net Profit (5 yrs) TTM Growth30.04%
ListingNSE, BSE

Operating revenue: (cr.)the operating revenue in the year 2019 was 92048 next year it dropped to 84447 (-8.25%) and in the year 2021 recovered a little bit revenue was 88021 by percentage it has increased 4.32%.

Depreciation charge: (cr.) in the year 2019 the depreciation value was 8192 next year 2020 it increased to 9093 almost 11%, in the year 2021 slightly decreased to 7038 which is approximately 23%.

Other income (cr.) year 2019 the other income value was 4051 next year 2020 it dropped to 2510 almost 38% and next to 2020 that is 2021 slightly improved to 3421, in percentage wise it was 36.29%.

Net profit: (cr.)in the year 2019 net profit value was 7065 and in the year 2020 it decrease to (-) 6664 and next year 2021 recovered from the last year loss 11602.

Current liabilities: (cr.) year 2019 liabilities was 76641, year 2020 decreased to 63322 (17.37%) in the year 2021 the liability value was 59124 reduced by a percentage of  6.62%.  

ASM Technologies

India’s one of the reliable technological service provider, provides service for engineering and development of product.  The company incorporated in 1992 headquarter in Bengaluru.

Market capitalRs. 648.70 cr.
Revenue(TTM)Rs. 177.76 cr.
Earning (TTM)Rs. 13.37 cr.
Total DebtRs. 31.07 cr.
EPS (Dec’21)Rs. 13.89
ROE (Dec’21)22.22 %
Net Profit (5 yrs) TTM Growth27.85%

Operating income: (cr) Financial year ended 2019 the operating income was 88.03 next FY 2020 the value increased to 92.01 (4.50%) in the financial year 2021 again increased value to 137.39 (almost 50%).

Depreciation charge (cr.) financial year 2019 the depreciation value was 1.21 and the next year the value increase to 2.95 (143.80%) and the year 2021 again increased to 3.57 (21.01%).

Other income: (cr.) other income value in the year 2019 was 5.45 next year 2020 it decreased to 4.13 ( 24%) and in the year 2021 further decrease to 3.25 (21.30%).

Net profit (cr.) analyzing the net profit category we can see year 2019 profit was 6.96 it dropped  2020 to 1.24 (82.18%) in the next year 2021 it recovered a litter by a margin of  8.51 (586.29%).

Current liabilities: (cr.) current liabilities in the year 2019 was 33.34 next year liabilities decreased to 26.27 (21.20%) in the year 2021 it decreased by a margin 46.02(75.18%).

Moschip Technologies

It is an India based company focused on fables model semiconductor  and specialize in chip design and system development. The company incorporated in 1999 headquarter in Hyderabad.

Market capitalRs. 1097.10 cr
Revenue(TTM)Rs. 140.40 cr.
Earning (TTM)Rs. 4.31 cr.
Total DebtRs. 63.16 cr.
EPS (Dec’21)Rs. 0.27
ROE (Dec’21) 7.76 %
Net Profit (5 yrs) TTM Growth22.71%

Operating income(cr.) the operating income in the year 2019 was 74.76 and the next year it increased to 99.32 (32.85%) and in the year 2021 also increased tp 105.19 (5.91%).

Depreciation charge: (cr.) year 2019 the depreciation charge was 8.70 next year increased a little to 9.37 (7.70%) and the year 2021 slightly reduced to 9.18 (2.02%).

Other income: (cr.) Financial year 2019 the depreciation charge was 1.67 next year charge was 1.78 increased by a percentage of 6.58%, financial year 2021 the charge was 1.73 reduced but not much percentage (2.80%).

Net profit: (cr.) in this category year 2019 record net profit (-) 28.88  and next year the loss percentage increased to (-) 46.01 and finally the year 2021 it reduced the loss margin to (-) 9.15.

Current liabilities: (cr.) liabilities of the year 2019 was 73.55, year 2020 it was increased to 91.76 (24.75%) and in the year 2021 also increase to 92.03 (0.29%).

Ruttonsha International Rectifier Limited

Ruttonsha incorporated in 1969 collaboration with USA based International Rectifier Limited, manufacturer of power and semiconductor headquarter in Mumbai.

Market capitalRs. 209.69 cr.
Revenue(TTM)Rs. 41.12 cr.
Earning (TTM)Rs. 2.52 cr.
Total DebtRs. 3.29c r.
EPS (Dec’21)Rs. 3.62
ROE (Dec’21)11.13 %
Net Profit (5 yrs) TTM Growth18.32%

Operating profit: (cr.) operating profit in the year 2019 was 43.05 and in the year 2020 reduced to 33.58 ( 22%) and in the year 2021 the profit was 30.07 further decreased by a percentage of (10.45%)

Depreciation charge (cr.) for the year 2019 the charge was 1.08, in 2020 it was 1.13 increased by a percentage of 4.62% and in the year 2021 the charge was 1.12 less by minimum.

Other income (cr.) year 2019 in this category the income was 0.53 and year 2020 increased marginal to 0.82 (35.36%) year 2021 reduce a little to 0.68 (17.07%).

Current liabilities (cr.) liabilities for the year 2019 was 11.38 and the year 2020 it was reduced to 7.45 (34.53%) , year 2021 slight increased to 7.70 (3.35%).

Semiconductor chip shortage

Due to covid-19 pandemic the maximum countries of the world heavily affected in many ways. Various restrictions imposed on those days, lack of man power and shut down of companies which has stopped producing chip and also lack of investment was the reason behind the shortage of semiconductor chip. At the time of pandemic the demand of such chips are low but when the situation developing worldwide and demand of such things are also increasing highly.  As the countries like Japan, USA are the leading manufacturer of this chips. Recently, a winter storm(disaster) in Texas shutdown semiconductor factories and a fire at a Japanese plant also stop producing chip. So with pandemic this current incidents also added reason of delayed productivity.

Affect of shortage

As the lack of supply of semiconductor chip many industries affected and facing a huge loss. International car manufacturing company such as Jaguar, Ford, Land Rover, Volkswagen are behind their producing and demand capacity. Shortage of chip components like digital speedometer, computerized management of system disrupt the production. As per the experts opinion, shortage of semiconductor chip and its affect will continue till end of 2022.

At present India is importingto meet the demand of the current market scenario. The demand of semiconductor chip will reach approximately $100 billion by 2025. Our government also have a plan to develop this industry and around Rs.76000 cr. budget  proposal has been on the way. Government has introduced a new PLI scheme or Rs. 230,000 cr. for the whole electronic supply chain.

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