Apple is one of the highest valued US companies which engage in business of manufacture, smartphone sales, personal computers, tablets, wearables and accessories and other services.

On December 14, AAPL reached an all-time high, closing its share price at 199.62.

This surge value pushed Apple beyond the $3 trillion market cap milestone.

AAPL is one of the few companies in US that valued at over $1 trillion.

The company's financial growth remains great that reflects in its stock price over the years.

AAPL's commitment to innovation is visible in its action of updating its devices and features.

The upcoming iPhone 16 will replace the mmWave antenna with a new Capture Button.

AAPL is now holding the position of world’s most valuable company after hitting 3.08 trillion market cap.

Many Analysts suggest that AAPL may hit $ 4 trillion market cap by the year end of 2024.

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