Next week, Google's parent company, Alphabet's stock, will divide 20 for 1 after Amazon; Tesla is waiting for the August meeting.

In light of recent downward economic forecasts, Bank of America recently lowered its price target for Alphabet stock.

Alphabet posted earnings and revenue for the March quarter that fell short of Wall Street expectations.

Small investors can diversify their assets when the price is closed at $119 (based on the $2387 present value) after split.

In 2021, GOOGL shares increased by 65 per cent.

Google has approved an additional $70 billion in stock repurchases.

Since its IPO, the business had only carried out one stock split, a 2-for-1 split in 2014.

The Nasdaq 100 is down 28% (as of December 21), while Alphabet stock has done only slightly better, down about 21.5% so far this year.

A 30% decrease in Amazon shares just this year just like Google's first stock split in 2014.

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But Alphabet stock has increased by more than 5% so far this week during pre-split.