You can combine your debt into a new, lower-interest loan through debt consolidation.

Federal Reserve is expected to increase interest rates further this year; debt consolidation can help you.

Green Dollar Loans offers $100–$5000 in rapid debt consolidation loans for people with bad credit.

Another supplier of debt consolidation with poor credit is Big Buck Loans, which transfers funds in 15 minutes and accepts all FICO scores for loans up to $5000.

With Viva Payday Loans, all FICO ratings are accepted but unavailable in some areas.

By not imposing origination or prepayment fees, Lightstream also eliminates charge hazards.

LightStream doesn't provide prequalification, frequently enabling you to evaluate potential loan rates before a hard credit check.

Famous for same-day funding, Rocket Loans provides $2,000 to $45,000 with origination fees ranging from 1% to 6%.

With rates as low as 3.49% for fixed-rate refinancing and 1.74% for variable-rate refinancing, SoFi also provides excellent options.

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Prequalification calls for a soft credit draw, which gives creditors access to only a piece of your credit history.