After the Financial Times warning of recession, Crypto hit, and the US Fed's hiking of rates, now a dividend can save your portfolio.

NRZ New Residential Investment has a record annual dividend yield of 10.47% and 27.9% growth.

The yearly dividend yield from PennantPark Floating Rate Capital is 9.21 percent.

Devon Energy's most recent six-month growth was 20%, and its annual dividend yield was 9.45%.

Investors looking for the highest dividend-paying stocks may find MPLX to be a tempting proposition with an annual dividend yield of 9.77%.

Dynex Capital offers shareholders a yield of 9.65 percent.

Energy Transfer can boost your portfolio with a 7.98% annual dividend.

7.55% dividend and continuous robust growth help EPD Enterprise Products Partners to get investors' confidence.

Instead of a high-growth prospect, AT&T is viewed as a prudent income investment that performed well ( 5.21%) in a challenging environment.

In this high inflationary market, a dividend can help you to cope with the trouble, as there is no early sign of a price cut.

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