Best Monthly Dividend  Stocks of May 2022

According to the Global Dividend Index study, dividend payments increased by 14.7% in 2021 after the pandemic crisis 2020.

After Crypto volatile and record inflation, it is high time to think best dividend stocks.

In this challenging pandemic, war, inflation and sluggish growth, dividend stocks can control your heartbeats shortly.

AT&T is considered a conservative income investment rather than a high-growth opportunity, played well in a tough market.

PennantPark Floating Rate Capital provides an annual dividend yield of 9.96%.

As of April end, Sabine Royalty Trust has a dividend yield of 7.74%, firm's shares have registered an uptick of 81.81% in the last year.

As of April 29, Dynex Capital gives a 9.61% yield to shareholders.

EPR properties offered a lucrative yield of 6.28% up to April's end.

LTC Properties Inc can be a game-changer with a 6.12% dividend.

Stellus Capital Investment shows an 8.57% annual dividend yield with 4.82% growth in the last 5 days.