This August, Joe and Kamala's administration decided to provide $20,000 relief for students as per their campaign promise.

Borrowers can expect a live portal of loan forgiveness within a few days in the Education Department's portal.

Earlier the Education Department confirmed October starting to start the relief program; however, last week, the press secretary mentioned 'October' only.

The Education Department dropped some borrowers of Perkins and FFEL loan (of 2010) behind closed doors; 7 lakh borrowers may be affected.

Republicans already slap the administration by challenging them in court.

Private law firm Wisconsin also dragged the White House to court by blaming racial appeasement.

An unhappy Indiana man also requested the court to block the relief, citing his tax burden.

ED asked borrowers to get ready all of their documentation before 15th November, but officials refused to make further comments.

The administration tries to defend its position and comparing student debt with the PPP relief program.

You can make email registration on the ED website to get instant information when the portal is live.