On April 28, Biden said to solve the federal student loans "in the next couple of weeks," so this Saturday can be crucial.

Forbes confirmed through officials that the ongoing student loan payment halt would be lifted.

For people earning less than $125,000 a year, Biden said $10,000 related to their income might be forgiven.

Left-wing debt union lashes out on Biden, seeking to cancel all student debt.

Senator Tim Scott warned that canceling of $2 trillion debt can accelerate the possibilities of hyperinflation.

NBC news fumed that Biden can't afford this win-win policy amid this tough time.

Over 35 million borrowers of student loans may expect a "21st-century consumer experience," according to the Edu Dept.

Today senator Tom Cotton hits out at Biden, saying every White House staffer who owes money on a student loan should be barred from working on Biden's scheme.

WSJ reported some voters in North Carolina, a debt-ridden state, expressed displeasure.

Students with large debt burdens are concerned that Biden's plan will be too weak after the president hinted relief could be less than the $50,000-per-borrower.