Tax tentacles are a problem for federal student loan debtors as soon as they stop celebrating the victory.

The student loan forgiveness announced by President won't be subject to federal income tax.

On all those canceled loans, though, borrowers might be required to pay state income tax in seven states.

In the following states— Indiana, North Carolina, Mississippi, Arkansas, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and California, borrowers may be taxed for loan cancellation.

The ARP plan was modified in March 2021.

It ensured that student loan debt cancellations were not treated as taxable income until at least the end of 2025.

Before 2021, the cancellation of student loans was typically regarded as an income source and subject to federal and state taxes.

You have possibility to pay $500 for $10,000 forgiveness (5% tax slap estimate).

Borrowers must axe $1,000 for $20,000 relief with Pell grants.

Nevertheless, states still have time to modify their current regulations.

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