The car lending arm of J.P. Morgan, the biggest business bank in the US, is called Chase Auto.

For a used car with the minimum loan requirement of $4000, APR is 4.34-14.84%; for a new car, it is 4.19-15.99%.

Chase Bank provides auto loans for both new and used vehicles.

For applicants with excellent credit, auto loan rates might start as low as 3.54%.

No auto refinance loans are available from Chase; the car has to be from this year or the two years before.

There is no down payment for Chase auto loans, but Chase doesn't provide auto refinancing.

On its website, Chase doesn't specify any minimum income or credit score needs.

The lender offers loans within 48 to 72 months, with no prepayment penalties or application costs.

For a used car, the maximum age a car to qualify for financing is 10 years.

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All commercial vehicles and some exotic vehicles are excluded from the loan.