Did elon musk buy twitter for $44B

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The word richest person tweeted, 'And be my love in the rain ' when the blue bird is almost under his palm!

Elon Musk hinted at buying Twitter after Babylon bee, the satire website, got banned for mocking a transgender person.

Musk criticized Twitter several times as a 'platform for free speech ' and 'democratic value.'

He intends to make the platform entirely private to re-establish its commitment to "free expression," as he defines it.

Musk maintains that he is uninterested in profiting from Twitter.

Musk has called himself a "free speech absolutist," but he has blocked users on Twitter who disagree with him.

After the deal, Dogecoin surges 26%, increasing hopes for the meme coin's adoption as a payment method on Twitter. Musk is obsessed with Dogecoin.

The billionaire cleared his intentions to remove spam bots, available algorithms for all, and create a' functioning democracy.'

NFT tokens are likely to get a shape on Twitter as already Musk is fed up with crypto scammers!