Tesla Investor Relations (IR) has revised a consensus to solve the allegation of incorrect share count since the last stock split.

Its non-GAAP EPS stands now lower to $1 from the previous $1.09.

Experts take it as positive news; it helps to make an easy bid for investors.

Tesla lost 5% last week due to a failing target of Q3, but profits surged.

In August, the EV giant announced a 3-in-1 stock split, the second split after a 5-in-1 split in 2020.

On 28 September, the price was the highest in the last 30 days, $287; now, the price dropped to $222.

However, the stock split dragged the price from $900 to $222, helping small investors to buy.

A bear market is an opportunity to buy undervalued and split stocks like Tesla for you.

Analysts expressed concern about its valuation amid Twitter battle and quarter targets.

Dropping demands forced the Musk-owned company to reduce prices in China market.