Discover is one of the biggest closed-end mortgage originators and Home equity loan generators in the US.

Except for Maryland and Iowa, Discover Home Loans provide credit products nationwide.

As of mid-June, Discover's rates on 30-year fixed loans range from 6.49% to 12.99%.

HELOCs, or home equity lines of credit, are unavailable from them.

There are no application, appraisal, or origination fees with Discover, and no cash payment is needed at closing.

If you pay off the loan within the first 36 months, you'll have to return some closing costs.

Nearly 90% of your equity may be used as collateral for a Discover loan.

If you pay back your loan earlier than expected, Discover may impose prepayment charges of up to $500.

On average, a loan closes in 6 to 8 weeks by Discover, with a minimum credit score of 620.

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The smallest loan amount with Discover Home Loans is $35,000, and the maximum is $300,000.