As sales of electric vehicles continue to surge, customers have questions about qualifying for a federal tax credit on electric vehicles.

You might get a $7,500 tax credit if you buy an electric vehicle.

A federal income tax credit may be available for all-electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles purchased new after 2010.

However, it is only applicable to a manufacturer's first 200,000 vehicles sold.

Any unused percentage of the $7,500 cannot be refunded or applied to next year's taxes.


You can get the full list on the fueleconomy website

Earlier, Trump proposed removing the electric vehicle tax credit in his budget.

By 2030, the White House wants electric vehicles to account for half of all car sales.

Purchase an electric vehicle that meets the requirements, obtain a Letter of Certification from the dealer, and complete IRS Form 8936.

Senator Manchin believes the electric vehicle tax credit "doesn't make sense."

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