Elon Musk, the world’s richest person, plans for transforming Twitter to make the platform "maximum fun!”.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk acquired Twitter for approximately $44 billion to take Twitter private.

Musk has explained, has expressed interest in open sourcing Twitter's algorithm to make Twitter a “politically neutral” digital platform.

As per Washington Post, Musk also planning to include content monetization by paying influencers to create content for the platform.

Musk is planning to slash jobs and reduce executive pay of Twitter and will choose as the new CEO of Twitter, a source told Reuters, according to Reuters.

According to Wallstreet Journal CEO Jack Dorsey told Elon Musk Twitter should be private to change up the company's business model in a way that prioritizes user safety and also for shareholders.

Recently Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen, said, transparency and data-driven perspective of Twitter that could lead to build trust and safety on the platform.

Haugen says that designing the platform's algorithm in such a way for researchers and academics that will ultimately foster more trust and could potentially result in positive change for geography.

Haugen said Facebook also struggling to address its problems because it can't really demonstrate anything in a differentway to move forward.