Earlier, ED requested borrowers to fill out applications by Nov 15, but now the FAQ section dropped the question, seen by Detroit Free Press!

'Silent' changes include 'October' instead of 'early October' and the disqualification of 7 lakh borrowers of FFEL and Perkins loans.

Avoid email scams for student loan advantage — Education Department warned borrowers.

They assure in maximum cases, the Federal has your full information, including documents and tax details.

Cloud of uncertainty looms over debtors' sky day by day.

Conservatives grilled the White House over using the HEROES Act 2003 to justify the forgiveness.

Borrowers fear multiple lawsuits can drag the decision until January 2023, when repayment time is likely to resume.

A Federal judge already derailed the debt relief program, and the White House adjourned it by Oct 23, 2022.

Lawsuits filed by taxpayers, opposition, law-firm and 6 GOP-led states are a new headache for Biden.

Forgiveness will take 4 to 6 weeks after application goes live, as per student loan experts (without considering court cases).