Govt-backed and privately financed FFELP was ended in 2010; time to line up for relief.

Biden's loan forgiveness plan is taking shape and started to accept the application as testing mode.

However, several lawsuits and ED's silent website edit raised concern among borrowers.

Officials asked to adjourn the relief program until the 23rd of this month.

In some cases, you need to consolidate your debts( it covers FFELP and Direct loans) to cope with eligibility.

If commercial borrowers of FFELP consolidated (on 29th Sept) before ED revised norms, they are eligible.

Commercial FFELP is not entertained now; only Federal-backed FFELPs are allowed.

FFELP program has more than 11 million borrowers with a $248 billion supply of cash.

Biden administration is facing backlash after dropping 7 lakh borrowers from the forgiveness program.

Some lawsuit hearings are scheduled for the next few days; the administration wanted to start debt forgiveness before the November election.