Following the market's closure on Thursday of last week, GameStop divided its stock 4-for-1.

On a split-adjusted price, GameStop stock cost $38.37 as of Thursday's closing price of $153.47.

The price of GameStop shares decreased 7% on Friday, reaching $35.78 (Monday's stuggle is almost same).

Although the split lowers the price of shares for investors, it has no impact on the value of the companies, encourage small investors.

Gamestop may be stimulated by the company's NFT marketplace, which started strong.

On March 19, 2007, a 2-for-1 stock split occurred at GameStop.

On the day of that split, shares almost precisely matched their closing price from the day before.

GameStop shares dipped on Thursday as the meme stock surge stalled just before the split.

But the anticipation of the split has driven stock speculators to push GameStop's share prices upward.


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The stock has increased by 30% since the store said it would divide its shares.