Alphabet Inc., the parent company of Google, has announced that a 20:1 stock split will occur today.

The price of Google, currently trading at $2207, might drop as low as $110 after split.

It will be effective on your portfolio from Monday, 18th July.

Google is struggling to get a good morning as the market opens with $2170.

After hitting a record high of $3,037 per share in November, Google's share price plummeted continuously.

Amazon and Shopify face the same destination after stock split; inflation and rising interest rates are a concern.

Buying a share on Monday will undoubtedly be less expensive than doing it now.

BoA reports that split stocks increased by an average of 25% during the subsequent year.

Alphabet posted March profits with sales increasing 23% yearly, the slowest rate since 2020.

The stock's liquidity may grow due to the split, making it more accessible to investors.

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