Google's parent company, Alphabet, will split 20 for 1 on Friday after Amazon and Shopify.

While Google stock may increase, Amazon and Shopify stock has declined since their stock splits.

In yesterday's afternoon trading (Monday), Google stock fell by almost 3%.

Shopify stock and Amazon stock both have D+ Accumulation/Distribution Ratings.

The Google stock split can make it possible for the tech behemoth to join the Dow Jones Industrial Average in this circumstance.

According to IBD Stock Checkup, Google stock has an Accumulation/Distribution Rating of B-minus.

Since its IPO in 2014, the business had only carried out one stock split, a 2-for-1 split.

The intrinsic value of Alphabet as a company overall or the value of an investor's investment is unaffected.

The Nasdaq 100 has decreased by 28%, while Alphabet stock has fared only slightly better by 21.5% annually.

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This week's forthcoming CPI report can shake the market, as stock splits have shown to be high-volatility events this year.