A new LUNA coin will be created for the 2.0 chain.

The new coin, LUNA 2.0, will be a fully decentralized asset.

The original chain will be rebranded to "Terra Classic".

TerraClassicUSD USTC will stay on the Classic chain.

As Terra 2.0 launches on 28th May,2022, the network will conduct an airdrop of the new LUNA coin.

Exchanges are preparing to list the new coin on spot trading for the new token.

Exchanges like Bybit, OKX, Bitrue, Huobi Global, Gate.io, Bitfinex, HitBTC, KuCoin and Binance are listing the new coin.

New chain aims to revive the Terra ecosystem after its UST algorithmic stablecoin fails suddenly.

Several applications have migrated to the new chain, including Astroport, Prism, RandomEarth, Nebula and others.

Stakeholders on the Terra chain will receive 70% of the total LUNA 2.0 token supply via an airdrop.