Biden launched a student loan forgiveness in August in response to the $1.7 trillion in student debt.

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You can lower your cost under current programs while the administration prepares the application process.

The simplest option to save money right now if you have a private student loan is to refinance.

When you set up autopay, you receive a discount on the interest rate of 0.25% for federal loans.

The IRS provides a calculator to help you figure out whether you may write off the interest on your student loans.

The maximum deduction for loans utilized only for education is $2,500.

Candidates for student loans should look at opportunities for forgiveness, cancellation, and discharge.

While still in school, pay the loan interest to prevent capitalization and additional hardship.

Check whether your firm offers student loan repayment as an employee benefit.

You'll be locked into a fixed rate when you consolidate your federal student loans.