Making the process for relief— Education Department and the White House jointly assured borrowers despite the Court's pause on the relief program.

Biden got mixed verdicts from Courts after Republicans and taxpayers sued his Govt.

An appeal Court locked the release plan on Friday, but the Supreme Court denied the appeal of 6 Republican states and Wisconsin taxpayers on Thursday.

ED-chief assured borrowers to continue the application process amid the Court ruling.

The administration tries to convince it to a temporary block from Court.

Press secretary Jean-Pierre explained that Court did not ask them to stop the internal process.

The application window is open for you (at least up to next Monday's hearing).

Try to complete the application before Monday, as CNBC experts opined that Court could relieve the approved borrowers.

Court asked ED to respond on Monday, whereas 6 Republican states are preparing for Tuesday to counter the Federal's decision.

President Biden gets some relief from the Apex court before the November-mid election.