A recent poll found that 71% of young people support large-scale student loan cancellation, demonstrating the importance of young voters' engagement for equity.

Rep. DesJarlais, a House Republican, will propose a new bill to prevent Biden's student loan relief.

DesJarlais disagrees that student loan forgiveness may improve the economy since it simply shifts the debt burden from borrowers to other taxpayers.

Today, Apple News warns that even after years of public service, some people still cannot qualify for student loan forgiveness!

Forbes confirmed, approximately 9 million people are eligible for the student loan forgiveness program.

According to the Federal Student Aid Office, only around 127,000 borrowers had qualified for PSLF forgiveness as of early May 2022.

According to Forbes, Biden's choice could be influenced by inflation; President could opt not to cancel student loans on a large scale!

NASFAA tweets, " As conversations continue over a potential framework for student loan cancellation through executive authority...forgiveness will close the racial wealth gap."

Republican Grothman claimed nearly 60% of all student loan debt is held by the rich and upper-middle-class!

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