A credit score of less than 580 is considered bad credit, according to the FICO credit score.

It can be more difficult to apply for a car, a house, or a business loan if you have a poor credit score.

Poor payment history, heavy credit usage, and too many credit applications or hard credit check queries are all common causes of low credit scores.

Some lenders offer negative credit loans to people who haven't had much time to establish a credit history.

Due to their poor credit scores, applicants with bad credit are more likely to be offered high-interest rates and lesser loan limits.

Consider your budget in light of the high-interest rate when applying for a loan with bad credit.

But you can enjoy a student loan, an auto loan, or a payday loan despite having a bad credit history.

Avant and OneMain Financial are the top personal loan companies for people with bad credit.

Upgrade is great for quick funding, whereas LendingPoint is great for small loans.

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Borrowers with bad credit can apply for both online and direct lender personal loans.

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