Today, Oct 5, the White House press release issued guidelines to avoid one-time student loan relief-related scams.

The guideline includes do's and don'ts of borrowers; check for details.

ED is set to activate its network from this month and supply information to states to combat scammers.

Press secretary confirms to boost 40 million people with the relief again.

Democrats take on Twitter to assure that 90% money of debt relief will help people earning nearly $6250/ monthly.

Biden's one-time student debt relief drew flack from Republicans, law firms, and individual taxpayers.

But the debt relief portal may be released within a few days if there is no stay order from the court.

The White House reminds the borrowers to get public service loan relief before October's end.

The application window will be closed on December 2023, according to ED.

You don't need to use FSA ID or documentation but keep watch in