Getting a loan when you have bad credit or no credit history is not a cakewalk.

On the FICO scale, a decent credit score begins at 670(661 for VantageScore).

There are, however, a few lenders who work with individuals with low credit scores.

They assist consumers in borrowing money for essential necessities such as medical bills and auto repairs, as well as debt consolidation.

SeedFi provides credit-building loans, which are an excellent approach to improving a low credit score; however, it is only active in 36 states.

There is no minimum credit score requirement with OneMain Financial, and you can borrow as low as $1,500.

Upstart accepts a minimum of 600 points and offers no early payout fees as well as next-day fund transfers.

Loans are mostly made available through LendYou, a long-standing and secure online lending community for debtors who need quick cash.

Since 1989, BadCreditLoans has provided loans to over 750,000 customers with poor credit scores.

People with bad credit have to deal with a high-interest rate and limited supply.

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