For new businesses and small business owners, US SBA loans can be a terrific method to access reasonable finance.

SBA Loan Rates 2022

SBA loans offer more inexpensive rates, despite the lengthy and rigid application process frequently encountered.

An SBA 7(a) loan's interest rate is limited to a maximum of 4.75% above prime.

$50,000 or less SBA Express Loan, maximum permitted rate is 11.25% (with the current prime rate of 4.75%).

The estimated effective interest rate for a 10-year loan under the CDC/504 program is 5.08%.

The projected effective interest rate for a 20-year loan is 5.12%.

Interest rates on SBA Microloans vary depending on the specific lender; however, they commonly fall between 8% and 13%.

EIDL loan periods may be up to 30 years long, with an interest rate cap of 4%.

If your SBA 7(a) loan is for less than $350,000, you will not currently be charged a guaranty fee.

The majority of SBA rates are similarly tied to a base rate, such as the prime, treasury, or another rate.

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