White House opened the door to debt relief applications on Monday, drawing criticism from general taxpayers.

Avoid consolidating your FFELP and Direct loans after ED's edit (Sept 29)of criteria.

Treasury gets the $400 billion pressure amid high inflation, fear of recession and mounting Federal rates.

Multiple lawsuits can change the game; analysts said it's not a final announcement.

Republicans intensify attacks on Govt; today, Sen. Marsha Blackburn schooled and accused Biden of forgiving the debt of a CCP-backed company.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi shocked Biden; she opined that student loan cancellation is illegal!

Forbes noted how the loan could help current admission-based inflation for the new academic year.

Media sentiment and the majority of Americans batted for student loan forgiveness, according to a survey of January 2022.

CBS news reported college students have begun to submit their applications in large numbers.

Don't try to provide false info to the federal regarding your income; it can land you in jail or a hefty penalty.