The bearish US market has crushed the stocks that would typically make upward swings.

However, there are the stocks with a 1,000% upside potential.

Remember that, the stocks we choose have almost stopped declining, but the long-term potential is enormous.

Roku has fallen significantly from its highs, although it had previously achieved a 1,000% gain and is currently benefiting from strong trends in streaming video.

Despite suffering from the stock split, Shopify still shows a modify growth trends.

After its most recent earnings drop, which brought it below $10, Snap may take off.

Jamia, the African Amazon, was out of reach of investors; with a $560 million market cap, it is set to scale up.

Ondas's boost in income comes at a good moment, with more than $32 million in cash and about $8 million in total debt on the balance sheet.

Nasdaq predicts only a 22.4% increase in sales for Unity Software this year.

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But it has symptoms of a 30.7% growth in the next year.