Govt assured borrowers to release the relief within 4 or 6 weeks of application; they can start a countdown from Monday.

Biden administration officially presented the student loan relief application portal on Monday.

You can reach out to, and apply without FSA ID or login.

Avoid marketing buzz with helpline links; the White House warned borrowers several times.

Borrowers need to provide their name, DoB, contact address and SSN number in the application window.

According to applicants, it takes hardly 30 seconds during the beta version; expect the same fluency after the official launch.

The Spanish language is an added advantage after the official version.

Anguished taxpayers and political rival Republicans sued the govt in court; they can be a key regulator of the program.

ED will set up communication with eligible borrowers when forgiveness is approved.

8 million borrowers have done the cakewalk till Sunday; avoid the further application if you made this in beta testing.