Market Cap                                    1.11T 52 wk Range               546.98-1,243.49 EPS                                                     4.92 Average Vol. (3m)                26,787,526 P/E Ratio                                      218.95 1-Year Change                            61.33% Shares Outstanding       1,033,507,611



Stock Split divides existing shares into a number of smaller pieces which results the stock price going down and increasing the number of shares.

Tesla (TSLA) is now trading at around $ 1,077 per share and has now increased by 63% in the last 12 months, and more than $ 1.1 trillion in market capitalization.

Till now Board members did not announce details about how many shares investors would receive.

>> To keep the stock at an affordable price. >> Better accessible to employees who receive stock-based compensation.

Split Reason

Tesla had a 5-for-1 stock split in August 2020, which helped raise the stock price by 743% in that year.

>> Tesla's revenue rose to $ 53.8 billion by 2021 >> United States share by 58% to $ 23.97B


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