Govt-backed VA cash-out refinance loan helps you to get finance with home equity value.

Borrowers can get the 'refi loan' up to 100% price of the appraised value (not market value).

Military veterans, as well as active personnel, are eligible for this, including their spouses.

If borrower has a loan of $1,00,000 and s/he paid off $25,000 then s/he is eligible for $25,000 in cash.

The owner can repair, remodel, renovate, set up the interior, or buy a car with that cash.

Eligible borrowers need to pay lower interest; the loan includes private mortgage insurance.

You must submit a certificate of eligibility or CoE for the VA cash-out loan.

VA does not need a hard credit score check, but the lender can ask for a credit history.

41% debt-to-income ratio is good, but the final decision depends on lenders.

Borrowers have to pay around 3% to 5% amount of the loan as a closing fee; refinancing or transferring these fees with a new loan is not allowed.