To help you buy, develop, or improve a home, the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) offers home finance alternatives.

The department provides Purchase loans, Cash-out Refinance loans, IRRRL loans, and NADL programs.

Quicken loan has a down payment advantage of 0% on VA loans and approval for DTI ratios as high as 60%.

PenFed has low rates and no lender fees, but some additional charges apply, including the VA funding fee.

Veterans United Home Loans offers Purchase loans, IRRRL, Cash-out refinance, and Jumbo with a 620 credit score.

USAA does not charge underwriting or paperwork fees; however, cash-out refinances are unavailable.

Flagstar Bank provides all the leading mortgage choices (conventional, jumbo, construction, and government-backed loans) online.

PNC offers many discount programs, has quick reapproval times, and has low minimum credit score requirements.

New American Funding allows a low minimum credit score of 580 with a 14-day closing guarantee.

Loans from the US Department of Veterans Affairs have many advantages, particularly if you don't have a sizable down payment and have a higher DTI.

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