In addition to VA loans, Veterans United provides a wide range of lending products to qualifying reservists, service members, and veterans.

The nation's biggest provider of VA home purchase loans is by far Veterans United.

With a 620-639 credit score, you can apply for 30 yr fixed VA Purchase with an interest rate of 5.5% (APR 5.93%).

15-year fixed VA Purchase is offered with the same credit score at APR 6.1%( interest rate 5.37%).

With a 720+ credit score, 30-Year Fixed VA Purchase is avail at an interest rate of 4.99%.

15-year fixed VA Purchase is avail rate of 4.87% at the same credit score.

VA total loan volume nationwide has recently surpassed $375 billion, breaking previous records.

Veterans United specialises in VA loans, although they also offer FHA, USDA, and conventional loans.

Veterans United only has physical branch operations only in 17 states and doesn't offer HELOCs.

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They offer a free credit counselling service and employ experts from all branches from the armed forces.