The 20-for-1 stock split was carried out by Alphabet, Google's parent, on July 15.

It was reflected in your portfolio from Monday, which started nearly by $111 from $2,200, which small investors can bag.

Due to its price drop, Alphabet might be eligible to join the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

The internet giant's more actively traded Class A stock fell 2.5% on the first day of the split's impact, while Class C hit $109.9 (now $114).

The stock split for Alphabet won't affect the company's values.

The company is still one of the most valuable businesses on the world, with a current value of $1.5 trillion.

Amazon's share price has dropped from around $2,000 before the split to below $115.

A recession, according to analysts, won't affect Google's stock split.

Alphabet said in February that the plans for the stock split had received board approval.

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IT sector is struggling with increasing rates; Alphabet's stock split won't instantly turn it back into a hot stock.