Google's parent company, Alphabet, will divide 20 for 1 on July 1 after Amazon.

Google Stock Split Benefits

Small investors can now diversify their holdings; following the split; the price will be closed to $117 (based on the $2340 present value).

Since its IPO in 2014, the business has only carried out one stock split, 2-for-1.

In those days following the split, Google class A and class C shares increased by about 2%.

However, Google ended the year with a loss of about 5%.

The stock split is approved, while a racial equity audit is rejected by Google's stockholders.

Additionally, the company started a new stock buyback program with plans to buy up to $70 billion worth of its stock.

In March, Alphabet's sales grew by 23% year over year, which was the slowest growth rate since 2020.

In the previous year, Alphabet generated $270 billion in sales.

In the preceding quarter, it generated a free cash flow of $ 15.3 billion and spent $ 13.3 billion on stock repurchases.

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