Pandemic-Policies-War hit the world's top economies this year, including the US.

Inflation in the United States reached a 41-year high in March; CPI hits 8.5%.

Last October, Twitter's Jack Dorsey warned of 'hyperinflation' in the United States and worldwide.

In a recent headline, the satirical website The Onion cautioned that "Higher Prices May Force Americans To Eat Reasonable Portions On Thanksgiving. "

The US raises interest rates for the first time in 22 years to combat inflation.

The pandemic era introduces lockdown, which hits the supply chain, and the price goes up.

Fed agency approved $4.5 trillion covid relief, not all of which was necessary or targeted.

Food prices rise as a result of Russian and Ukrainian limitations on oil and gas (as well as fertilizer) and rising energy prices in general.

Similarly, both countries' limits on grain exports (mostly wheat and corn) contribute to increasing food costs.

Expenses of everything are rising due to rising energy costs, some of this was in response to COVID, but much of it was due to White House policies.

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