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What Credit Score is Needed for USAA Auto Loan?

This post discusses USAA Auto Loan, and its credit score requirement. Besides, it addresses many other crucial aspects of Auto Loan.

What Credit Score is Needed for USAA Auto Loan? If you are planning to apply for an USAA Auto Loan, and are wondering about some important questions relating to it, all your questions will be answered in this post itself. Hence, stick to the post till the end, and you will have a very clear picture of USAA Auto Loan right in front of you. Once you read this post till the end, you should be able to go ahead with your auto loan application confidently.

Does USAA offer auto car equity loans?

USAA has auto loans for buying new, as well as, used cars. An Auto Loan allows people to borrow money to buy a car, or a truck. Auto loans are based on simple-interest, and are meant to be repaid over a period of up to five years, and more. USAA auto loans come with a loan term of 84 months.

With an auto loan, you can buy a car, and have its payments splitted into monthly payments instead of paying thousands of dollars in one go. These loans come with low interest rates, easy approvals, and most importantly, a borrower doesn’t need to be a homeowner in order to qualify for Auto Equity Loans.

Just to explain the way auto car equity loans work, the lenders will expect the borrower to repay the loan amount in monthly installments plus interest on the principal balance.

For example, if your car costs $20,000, you may make a down payment of $2,000, and plan on replaying the remaining $18,000 in monthly installments. In that case, your monthly installment is your remaining principal balance divided by the number of months in your loan term plus the interest on the principal balance.

If we take an APR of 5%, and loan term of 5 years, which means 60-month, your monthly payment will be $340, and till the end of the loan term, you will be paying an interest of $2,381. However, USAA charges only 3.69% APR on new car loans, and 4.34% APR on used car loans.

Besides, the lender offers borrowers a discount of 0.25% on opting for automatic payments.

You might wonder what happens if you fail to repay the loan, and in that scenario, the car which is being financed is the collateral, and the lender has the right to seize the car. This is the reason that an auto loan is categorized as a ‘secured’ loan.

Another question that is most likely to cross your mind is, “what is the credit score requirement for an auto loan?” As reported by Credit Bureau Experian, used-car loan borrowers have an average credit score of 675, and new car loan borrowers have an average credit score of 738. Besides, the report shows that around 65% of car loan borrowers had credit scores of 661 or higher. 14% of the car loan borrowers had credit scores from 501 to 600, while only 2% of car loan borrowers had credit scores below 500.

Hence, it’s always wise to maintain a high credit score, and in case your credit score is low, you can still find auto loan lenders since the eligibility requirements vary from lender to lender.

Are USAA auto loans good?

USAA auto loans are comparatively better than auto loans from other lenders since they come with lower APR, and a long loan term. While APR is set to only 3.69% for new car loans, and 4.34% on used car loans, the loan term is up to 84 months. Besides, there are no application fees involved. Another good thing about USAA loans is that the lender offers borrowers a discount of 0.25% when they enroll in automatic payments. Furthermore, USAA has no prepayment penalty.

Applying for a loan with USAA is a seamless process, and all it takes is apply online, e-sign your documents, and receive your funds. However, you need to know a few things ahead of filing your application form, and this includes your income before taxes, the amount that you need to borrow, your house information, and your current job information.

When you are applying for a new car loan, the car needs to be of the newer models, or 2021 models. For used car loans, the car needs to have a 2015 to 2020 model.

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I have provided you with a comprehensive review of the USAA Auto Loan, and I am pretty sure you have found the post useful. In the post, I have explained the various important aspects of USAA Auto Loan. I have also explained what makes USAA better than other lenders, and you have seen that the lender comes with low APR, and no hidden charges. Besides, the application process is pretty simple.

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